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We’re not website designers, we’re ‘creative business questioners and solution providers’, well ok, we’ll call that web designers for short. But when told by a potential client  ‘We need a website’, our first question is usually ‘why?’, because we don’t supply websites, we supply solutions!

This illustrates our work well and shows how a website can be more than a brochure site.  This is a copy of a proposal we did some years ago for a kids party planner, I’ve changed a name or two and lost some of the generic things and prices, but it’s pretty much as the client received it. Not relevant to your industry or business? a lot of the principles are the same for any business: we look,  we question, we understand


Princess Parties were looking at expanding their current website to be more representative of their current business and to promote their various party planning and offerings, including some non ‘princess’ related subjects.

They benefit from being well known in the area and have a reasonable search engine presence (for some terms!), in fact my daughters friends around Barton know of and inspire to have. However my son has never heard of XXX’s Princess Parties (understandably) and this is something that will be more of an issue as you do more work in boys parties, Ben 10 for example. A long term web strategy needs to address this, and our Web and SEO (search engine optimisation) guru is ideally placed to look at this.

Whilst you’ve got great brand awareness for your girls parties, XXX’s Princess Parties current online presence does nothing to promote or market themselves or more importantly their boys/other offerings. We propose to bring your online presence to a presentable level, and then look at both your on and offline marketing to drive traffic and thus increase bookings.

XXX’s Identity

XXX’s has a strong identity which works well for the girls. However there is some issue as to how this can be used for the other party offerings.

The Website

The website needs considerably updating to reflect XXX’s new positioning, it needs to attract potential trade and win them over. XXX’s new site needs to excite the user and give them a real ‘I want one’ feel, and really get over what a XXX’s party can offer. We need to target the child as well as the parent, and if we can target all the child’s friends and relations, all the better. There’s no excuse for ‘only’ having 4 or 5 pages, in terms of SEO and the need to make the site exciting.

Party Planners website design

From a creative perspective, the site must look and feel like the parties it represents. If it looks bland and understated, it is a presumption that your parties are too! (harsh I know) Whilst I appreciate the bespoke aspect of your parties cannot be pinned down exactly, we shouldn’t be relying on contact us for more details, or call us to find out more, people should be rushing to book a party after seeing the website, not wondering if you.etc etc

XXX’s have at least 3 separate markets to sell to, and we would recommend that by splitting the way the website works and looks, we can target those areas directly.

  • Princess Parties (girls) – an area of the site dedicated to the girls
  • Boy’s parties – an area dedicated to boys.
  • Other – slightly less specific areas, fun days etc

In these specific areas we could give a general overview of the party options available, specific details of some of the parties and take people (kids) through what happens, covering everything in exciting detail. We can add specific galleries, and loads of quality testimonials. ‘the best party I’ve ever had’.. Jimmy 9.

There’s also loads of other ways to drive trade. Stick a few bits of programming and a database on the site and we can really start something different. How about.

  • Bespoke invites – Holly’s mum books a party, she then gets login details on the site that lets her upload a photo of Holly that drops into a ‘Princess Party’ branded invite for her to download and print to give out to her friends. ( or Ben 10 invite, or Pepper Pig etc)
  • Online party page – Those invites could say visit your website and login using username Holly and password my12thbirthday to see all the party details, secret messages from Holly and further info.
  • Thanks for coming cards – after her party Holly uploads a few pics from the party and automatically creates a branded ‘thanks for coming to Holly’s Party’ pdf file. Branded with your contact details this will hang around your potential clients houses for ages.
  • Party Gallery – the same login details can get users to view a gallery of the party photos. Holly’s friends can be invited to download a branded picture of the event as a keepsake, driving traffic and spreading your branding.

Nearly all kids are web savvy, Messenger, Facebook and Twitter play a major part in children’s lives, even pre-school, there must be some ways of getting in there. We’d imagine a Facebook page is a must for your industry, and if you use it, a blog is a great way to give your site some changing content.

An approximate plan of areas could be something like this, although this will change as a brief is developed, and it does not represent the number of pages:

Possible Site Plan

    • Home page
    • General description
    • Customer Comments
    • Girls Parties –
    • Princess Parties
    • What happens at a princess party
    • Princess party planning guide
    • Real Princess party Gallery
    • Real kids testimonials
    • Book now
    • Other Girls Parties
    • What happens
    • Party planning guide
    • Real Parties Gallery
    • Real kids testimonials
    • Book now
    • Boys Parties – an area dedicated to boys
    • Ben 10
    • What happens in a Ben 10 party
    • Party planning guide
    • Real Ben 10 Parties Gallery
    • Real kids testimonials
    • Book now
    • Other boys
    • What happens
    • Party planning guide
    • Real Parties Gallery
    • Real kids testimonials
    • Book now
    • Other Parties – an area dedicated to other parties, Halloween, Pepper pig etc
    • What happens
    • Party planning guide
    • Real Parties Gallery
    • Real kids testimonials
    • Book now
    • Fun Days – an area dedicated to fun days
    • What happens
    • Party planning guide
    • Real Parties Gallery
    • Real kids testimonials
    • Book now
    • Booking information
    • About XXX’s Parties – background info
    • Children related security issues
    • Contact Details
    • Grimsby
    • Louth
    • Scunthorpe
    • Hull
    • Blog
    • Twitter
  • Password protected, data driven area
  • Invite maker
  • ‘Holly’’s party page
  • ‘Holly’s’ gallery
  • Thankyou generator

Proposal date: June 2014

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