We’re not website designers!

Well we are, but your website is the end result of a bigger story, ‘We help companies shine’ is a more apt description of what we do. We help companies, brands or products get to the next level by making them appeal to their target audience. I can’t stress the importance of this, you might be a fantastic startup, or long established, but if your identity doesn’t match up, you’ll have one arm tied behind you!

Whilst your existing customers know and love you, your potential customers don’t. So it’s important to get that identity nailed down from day one if you want to appear credible and trustworthy. Identity in its simplest form is the reputation, or characteristics of a person or organization that makes the public think about them in a particular way, and a lot of companies spend a fortune on branding in their attempts to communicate their identity. For good reason too, giving potential customers the right impression, helps them to choose you over your opposition.

Research, research and more research

For us, we start any identity work by researching the market, understanding you, your business and your marketplace. We look at your competitors, your aspirations and to the bigger players in your industry. We also spend some time looking at your customers and your customers needs and expectations. We’re always careful not to be blinkered by what we see and we end up with a good understanding of where you need to be.

We call this ‘positioning’, and it’s easily explained with my trusty chocolate bar analogy. I can make a chocolate bar look cheap, single colour no frills, and you could sell it for 50p or at the other extreme I could cover it with gold foil, a beautifully embossed and richly coloured wrapper and you could sell it for £10. But if your key audience is school kids, you won’t be selling many £10 bars of chocolate.

Your identity isn’t just your website, an identity could include, logos and branding, website design and content, and all aspects of marketing and your communication.

Getting your identity right, drives sales and grows business – simple.