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Website design and promotion work for FanFinders

Web Design for Fanfinders - home page


Every now and again, we get to work with old friends, FanFinders is one of those ‘old friends’. We were asked to look at simplifying the marketing message. FanFinders is a online platform that helps connect family and beauty brands and retailers with their target audience, women ranging from ages 18-40. FanFinders helps brands with everything from acquisition of new customers through ongoing engagement to drive loyalty.

  • Website Design

  • Content Development

Web Design for Fanfinders - home page
Web Design for Fanfinders - what we do page
Web Design for Fanfinders - blog page

The Project

Working closely with the client we reduced the size of the existing site that had started to get over complicated. We started by covering the three main marketing messages, What, How and Why – what is it, how does it work and why should I use it? The end result, whilst being smaller, lacks confusing waffle and clearly explains their service.

Futureproofing the site, we built the website on the trusted WordPress platform, giving excellent scale-ability as well as the ability to edit, update and add totally new content. The multi site option again looks toward the future, which we’re sure will be rosy for this award winning,  ‘top 100 startups’ company.

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We found the team at Nucleus superb to work with, they helped flesh out our ideas and turn my very “back of a fag packet” ideas into reality. They go above and beyond in effort and will really help you sweat the detail to get it right. We go back to them with amends and they are always on time and on budget. Can’t recommend more highly, we will continue to use them till they get sick of my requests 🙂

Alec Dobbie – CEO FanFinders

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