Project Description

Website design and identity for Quote A Life


We were approached by the guys behind Quote A Life after a recommendation from an existing client. The project was nearly scuppered after an initial quote from a London based agency, but we managed to knock that down by half quite easily. The brief was to test out a simpler, more human variation of the insurance quote engine sites that appear to rule the market currently. To create an established looking evaluation website, with branding and identity aimed at a particular target audience, whilst staying within a tight budget and timeline.

  • Website Design

  • Content Development

  • Identity design and positioning

The Project

We never underestimate the power of research, and on a job like this it’s crucial. Afterwards, it’s important not to be blinkered with the results of that research and apply one of our core values, ‘Always Creativity’. The resulting WordPress website sits neatly where it was expected to be, whilst coming in on budget and on time.

Does the clients initial concept work? Time will tell, but looking established and professional, it stands a chance

Web Design
Print Materials


We found the team at Nucleus superb to work with, they helped flesh out our ideas and turn my very “back of a fag packet” ideas into reality. They go above and beyond in effort and will really help you sweat the detail to get it right. We go back to them with amends and they are always on time and on budget. Can’t recommend more highly, we will continue to use them till they get sick of my requests 🙂

Alec Dobbie – CEO FanFinders

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