Project Description

Web Design and Identity for Truck Dealers Wright-Truck

Responsive website designed for truck dealer Wright-Truck


We were approached by Anthony, who, after leaving a larger outfit, wanted to set up his own new truck sales company. The brief was to develop the brand identity, including suggestions for the name. Then to develop an online presence, leading to production of a content managed sales site, and finally to look at advertising and print. The key aspect was that he needed a presence that would look established and trustworthy from day one, and something that would make the best of his minimal handpicked stock, something that we love doing.

  • Brand Development

  • Website Design

  • Advert Templates

  • Stationary

The Project

We spend a lot of time considering the target audience and how the client should look, we call it positioning, and its happening all around you. The best examples are to be found in supermarkets, where ‘own brand’ products are designed to look ‘cheap’, whereas the supermarkets also sells their ‘finest’ or ‘best’ versions of a similar product, all priced accordingly. Each are targeting a different demographic. Sometimes looking genuine, trustworthy and established is worth more to a potential buyer, than something overly modern and fussy. Though it’s different in every case, you may want to sell a budget product or appear expensive and bespoke.

So, for Anthony, after an initial consultation, a good look at the opposition, and some background market research, we proposed a play on the clients name, ‘Wright-Truck’ and developed a strongly coloured, recogniseable brand that let Anthony hit the ground running. We presented six sets of creatives – all that would have fitted neatly into the marketplace, and after the clients feedback, we developed one design into the new Wright-Truck, truck sales website.

Now, some years later and we’ve recently launched a second Wright-Truck website, and we love it.

It’s all about clear clean content, easy to access, and all the relevant info to hand, where and when you need it. There’s no excuse for not showcasing your products – buyers aren’t going to be wooed by three shabby pictures.

Wright-truck doesn’t carry a lot of stock, but they certainly make them count.

Web Design
Print Materials
Web design for truck traders Wright-Truck - homepage
Web Design for Wright Truck - truck details page
Truck pop up for Wright Truck website

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