Identity & website design for Dennis Vesseys Classic Car Services.

Our specialist garage and motor related trade websites have been performing well for over 15 years

The automotive trade is vast and the customer is not short of choice when it comes to choosing a garage to service or repair their car. Whilst there’s plenty of available generic websites available, we believe that you’ve got to set yourself above your competitors and give your potential customers reasons to visit you.

Nucleus takes the time to understand your business and customer base. We listen to you before putting ‘pen to paper’. We’ll take time to identify other key players in your marketplace and further afield, and look at where you want to be positioned and who you are attracting.

Stand out from the crowd…

Our work gives garages and car dealers credibility, new or established, and instantly giving potential customers the right impression

Responsive Website for Car Services Grimsby

For garages and vehicle repair centres, it’s important to remember that customers have a huge choice, so it’s important that your website sells you and your services to your target audience. We have a long working relationship with Car Services (Grimsby) Ltd. having provided them with their first website over 12 years ago. Of course many things have changed during that time, both in the way they do business and also the advance of web technologies and design, so they’re now on their third major site re-design – keeping them up to date. We’d normally expect a website to perform for around three years, but we’d want to see the website having new or updated content every few months, though its very dependent on the industry you’re in.

Their website reflects the business, paying as much attention in caring for their customers as they do, caring for their vehicles.

The latest version is a responsive layout, working for all desktop, pad and mobile devices, avoiding Googles penalties! It’s also client editable allowing them to keep content up to date.

WordPress website build for 3Q Industrial design

Website and identity design for Car Services Grimsby.

WordPress website build for 3Q Industrial design

Website and identity design for Dennis Vesseys Classic Car Services.

Website for Vesseys Classic Car Services – Motorsport Specialists

What becomes very obvious, very quickly is how on some websites, the visual design needed to take a back seat, and that content is king.

Vesseys Classic Car Services doesn’t sell ‘garage services’, they sell very specialist services to look after their customers cherished toys, services such as rolling road diagnostics, carburetor setup and race car suspension setup. This is a very different proposition to a general garage, and other examples of our car related work, such as Map-Tech Remapping, and is more about specialist services and upgrades. We approached this by way of developing the content, and having a depth of good information about each specific area.

We looked at ways of driving the most lucrative parts of his business, such as focusing on the Triumph TR, and promoting Vesseys as Lincolnshire’s TR specialist, which they are, and drawing extra TR specific trade in.

Vesseys have a weighty site, full of relevant information, that suits the classic elements of his business. Google appreciates his site and now he’s always on the first page of the results for searches such as ‘Triumph TR6 specialist’, and comfortably at the top of the first page for ‘Triumph TR specialist in Lincolnshire’.

A very quick return on investment for Vesseys

Website for Map-Tech

For Map-tech, North Lincolnshire’s remapping experts, we produced a website that suited their target audience. A nice mix of photography and relevant, quality content.

Their original website had been put together by a friend, some time ago and not only didn’t represent the company, but more dangerously, it looked unprofessional and didn’t instill confidence in potential customers. Not what you want to see when choosing a company to work on your £40k Audi.

Their new site reflects both industry and customer expectations, and over time, we’ve added testimonials and content in tune with current legislation and trends. The site now works well as a showcase for Map-tech and works well bringing traffic in via google.

WordPress website build for 3Q Industrial design

Website and identity design for Map-Tech of Brigg.

Our websites are tailored to your business

We create garage and motorsport websites  and our work is totally bespoke, so we can build a site package to suit your needs, from simple websites for startup companies to large solutions. Every bit of work is tailored to you, we don’t have ‘on the shelf packages’ and we make sure that your website reflects you and your values, as in the three very different examples above.  Your investment in our work is proven to add value and drive your business forward.

As a professional agency, we deliver quality work, that will give your business the credibility it deserves. But we can’t do that without stepping back to see the bigger picture, without understanding your business, your clients and your competitors, we’re shooting blind! Who are your clients? what suits them and what’s the best way to serve them?

We target your potential customers

We take the time to understand your business and customers and listen to you before putting ‘pen to paper’. We take time to identify other key players in your marketplace and further afield. No matter what type of website you are looking for, whether it’s a small brochure site or bespoke sales solution, each of our websites will follow the same design orientated process. Find out about our website design here.

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